Tim Doyle

Board Member

Rapid City Police Department

Rapid City, SD

Education: Chemical Engineering degree from School of Mines.

Background: Tim worked as an engineer in Bloomington, MN for 12 years before he decided he wanted out of the big city, bad weather of Minnesota, and mosquitoes. His family picked the place they wanted to be vs a job that would take him wherever, so they chose Rapid City. He decided to become a police officer because it is more people/service oriented and also because he wanted to work with youth and knew about the School Liaison program. They took a leap of faith in 2007 and moved here before he had his final offer with the Rapid City Police Department (RCPD).

Tim’s career in the RCPD:

  • 3 years on patrol
  • 7 years working in the schools (1 year at SWMS and 6 at Central High School)
  • 18 months as a patrol Sergeant
  • 18 months as Juvenile Operations Sergeant
  • 12 months as patrol Lieutenant
  • 18 months as Community Engagement Lieutenant

Other duties:

  • Peer Support Team member
  • Physical Fitness Team member
  • Participated in CHI (Collective Healing)
  • Participated in Community Advisory Committee

Among other things.

The majority of his career, in one way or another, has been focused on working with youth. In his current position he oversees the Quality of Life Unit, the Youth Outreach Team and the overall Community Engagement Team, which includes Jamie Kirsch and Tyler Read.

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