The Lakota values also guide us in achieving our mission at Friends of the Children – He Sapa. Using these values as a basis for decision-making can pave the way in which we live our lives providing balance and meaning. These values provide guidance on how to teach the wakanyeja (children) appropriate, healthy ways to interact with the world around them. The best methods to teach these values is by example. So, in healing our families and communities at large by instilling traditional values, we are promoting wellness in our children and in future generations.



can be seen as the inner strength or inner fire that allows an individual to persevere in the face of adversity.



is the ability to make the right decision not just for self, but for tiwahe (family), tiospaye (extended family), and oyate (community/people).



is the willingness to put oneself in harm’s way to protect family and community or to advance a higher cause or purpose.



is giving possessions, time, and energy to others so that they may prosper.



is having integrity to honest character – one who can be trusted.



is understanding the importance of all creation including oyate (people) wamakaskan (animals), and unci maka (grandmother earth).



is the core value—understanding that the values and gifts given to us by our creator are not only for personal gains. Our purpose is to protect, heal, and advance our communities for benefit of future generations.