Desiree Long Visitor

Professional Mentor "Relative", Oglala Lakota Nation

Desiree Long Visitor, also known as Tahca Luta Win (Red Deer Woman), is an enrolled member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe and hails from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in Oglala, SD. She is a graduate of Red Cloud Indian School and holds an associate degree in early childhood education from Oglala Lakota College. Her lifelong aspiration has been to pursue a career in teaching, with a focus on imparting the value of education. Prior to her current role at Friend with the Children, Desiree was actively involved in creating positive opportunities for youth within her community, facilitating interactions and engagement with peers and community members. She takes pleasure in working with children of all age groups, whether it involves attending baseball games/practices or participating in other youth-focused activities.

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