Hattie Dunham

Professional Mentor “Relative”, Rapid City

Hattie Dunham, Tawacin Waste Win (Good Natured Woman) is an enrolled member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe, Sicangu band of the Lakota in Rosebud SD. Hattie was raised in the Black Pipe Community within the boundaries of the Rosebud Reservation; where she received her secondary education and obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts with a heavy concentration in science, along with receiving an Associate of Arts degree in Lakota Studies with a minor in fine arts from Sinte Gleska University. She has dedicated most of her life working as a public servant to the people as an Emergency Medical Technician, Family Advocate, Home Health Aide, Maternal and Child Health Case manager, Programming and Program Development of a youth Diversion Program and Youth Affairs Coordinator and most recently spent the past 9 years as a Tribal Historic Preservation Technician providing land surveying and monitoring services.

In her spare time she enjoys time with her Takojas and grown children, traveling, catering food, sewing and beading.

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